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Complete counselling support to aid in your recovery

journey: Committing to treatment under expert medical supervision is essentially your first step towards recovery from drug addiction and substance abuse. However, conventional treatments may or may not prove effective in some cases. Since drugs and substance dependence affects not only the physical health of the individual but also the mental & emotional state, it is necessary to include psychological & emotional counselling in the overall addiction treatment plan.

At Recovery Connection, we make sure that our treatments provide the patients with both physical health and emotional well-being. Our holistic treatment plans are crafted as per the individual requirements of each patient and heal the spirit, body, and psyche.

Our expert counsellors work together with the doctors to deeply understand and evaluate your situation before devising a personalized recovery plan. We help you to find motivation & hope through our cohesive environment of community-based care programs and equip you with coping mechanisms that gradually reduce your drug dependence.

Medication-Assisted Treatment at Recovery Connection

Recovery Connection ensures optimum recovery of patients by implementing medication-assisted recovery alongside counselling sessions. Medication-assisted treatment is an advanced medical methodology to treat drug & substance dependence by combining behavioural therapy and medications for a comprehensive "whole-patient" approach. For instance, at Recovery Connection, we treat opioid addictions with the help of FDA-approved medications such as suboxone, Subutex, or Sublocade (The Shot), integrated with counselling and behavioural therapies.