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Your best addiction treatment partner

Narcotic usage has grown at an alarming rate over the past few years, and, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to stop. Drug and substance abuse has in itself turned into a global problem, resulting in millions of deaths per year. However, just like any other disease, drug addiction and dependence is treatable. And we at Recovery Connection help you with exactly that.

In recent times, many drug addiction treatment facilities have emerged to battle the unprecedented rise in drugs & substance abuse. But the unparalleled treatment approach of Recovery Connection enables us to stand out from other treatment facilities. Here’s why!

At Recovery Connection, we understand that getting over your drugs & substance dependence is not an easy process. We know that it takes a lot more than just motivation. We also believe that drug addiction does not depend on your gender or your background; rather, it stems from deeper physical & emotional complexities. As a result, we strive towards an individualistic approach to the treatment of each patient, welcoming you with open arms without any judgment, and providing you with a unique recovery experience.

Our treatment plans are carefully constructed together by our dedicated doctors and therapists only after they have gained a deeper understanding of your present situation and have identified the root cause of the addiction. They devise a cohesive recovery program crafted for your unique requirements and empower you with effective coping mechanisms that significantly reduce your drug dependence. Recovery Connection's personalized, sustainable, and holistic recovery plan provides medication-assisted treatments combined with behavioural therapies, ensuring complete physical care, psychological & emotional support.

he monitored treatments from Recovery Connection include:

  • The initial therapeutic detoxification procedure
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Medication management
  • Psycho - sociological rehabilitation
  • Behavioural and cognitive therapy in conjunction with medication management
  • Psychological counselling for anxiety, depression, and other related mental ailments

The recent pandemic has rendered many of us not only physically but also emotionally isolated, leading to intensified drug dependence in many individuals. But this does not mean that you would have to deal with your addiction all alone. We are just a call away. We understand that all you need is a friendly nudge towards recovery. We are available for you 24/7 not only as medical professionals but also as a non-judgmental, unbiased friend who will aid you on your recovery journey, helping you to transform back into a "whole,," fitter and happier individual.